EVOLVD - Evolvd - Velvet Live Rosin - .5g
Evolvd - Velvet Live Rosin - .5g
THC: 68.76%
68.76% THC / 79.11% Total Cannabinoids Velvet is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is a descendent of the legendary strains Dutch Treat x Blueberry. The taste showcases the blueberry in its lineage with undertones of pine and a little OG goodness to round it all out. The terps really shine on this one, giving a surprising clarity to all the notes in the flavor profile. As the name suggests, our Velvet cartridges are also incredibly smooth and are said to provide true Sativa effects. Our small-batch Live Rosin is created using only heat and pressure without the use of solvents. It’s then filled into our custom cartridges that are made of medical-grade stainless steel and glass for a truly unique cartridge experience.
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