Florist Farms - Florist Farms - Rechargeable Vape - Tropical Runtz - 0.75g
Florist Farms - Rechargeable Vape - Tropical Runtz - 0.75g
THC: 82.0%
This sativa-dominant experience is very social and bubbly, though you’ll want to take a break from chatting to savor the ripe citrus and tropical fruit taste of these true-to-form cannabis derived terpenes. . Dominant Terpenes: Limonene - bright and citrusy flavor with uplifting effects β-Caryophyllene - peppery flavor with relaxing effects β-Myrcene - earthy and citrusy flavor with relaxing effects This iSpire hardware is slim to discreetly fit in your pocket or purse, pre-charged, and ready to roll. The heavy, high-quality material feels good in your hand and produces a smooth, full hit that lasts. Requires a micro-USB cable to recharge (not included). Don’t forget to take the sticker off the bottom to operate.
0.75 grams
Price per unit

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