Ithaca Organics Cannabis Co. - Ithaca Organics - Gorilla Breath - 3.5g
Ithaca Organics - Gorilla Breath - 3.5g
THC: 26.0%
Gorilla Breath is an indica dominant cross of Gorilla Glue (GG#4) and OG Kush breath (OGKB) bred by Humboldt Seed Organization. These two legendary varieties have come together to produce dense, trichome-covered buds with a pronounced terpene profile of meaty, musty fuel in all the best ways. Open a package of Gorilla Breath and you’ll have the attention of everybody in the room. Being our most indica leaning offering, Gorilla Breath hits heavy with its euphoric, relaxing, and sedating effects. It is the perfect option to unwind before bed or for the seasoned consumer who enjoys a heavy high throughout the day.
1/8 oz
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