LUCI - LUCI - Hash Hole - Dream Queen - 2g
LUCI - Hash Hole - Dream Queen - 2g
THC: 40.0%
(1) hash rosin infused 2g pre-roll Flower: 1.5g Dream Queen flower infused with 0.5g Humboldt holy rosin Class: hybrid Size: (1) 2g joint Ideal for achieving an intensely dreamy high. With both strains being known for their cerebral effects + the energe4c, sociable feeling of sa4va-dominant Dream Queen, this combo will leave you floating through your day. Sweet and citrusy, complimented by an earthy spice from the Humboldt holy rosin. Each joint is filled with solvent-less live rosin, New York grown flower and hand-rolled around a hemp filter tip
1/2 gram
Price per unit
This product is no longer available.

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