MFNY - MFNY - Gazzurple - Infused 1g
MFNY - Gazzurple - Infused 1g
THC: 29.35%
Expertly grown in climate-controlled greenhouses and harvested using techniques that maximize terpene preservation, MFNY is exicted to offer Gazzurple. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain was created by crossing Gazzurple Bx2, Poddy Mouth, and Macaroon — and stands out as a true original for its gorgeous appearance. The trichome covered buds will arouse your sense of smell with gaseous aromas of diesel and sweet tartness. As you taste the flavors of berries, cream, and that classic gas — Gazzurple will take you to a psychedelic, yet energized state.
1 gram
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