Nightshade Farm - Nightshade Farm - Hella Jelly -  concentrate 1g
Nightshade Farm - Hella Jelly - concentrate 1g
THC: 72.14%
This dabable concentrate is created from Hella Jelly (Very Cherry x Notorious THC) A-Grade trimmed flower. Referred to as a nug run, this concentrate is super potent at 72.14% THC & 84.15% Total Cannabinoids and 13.5% Terpenes (7% BETA- CARYOPHYLLENE). Named for its delicious flavor and heavy- hitting high, Hella Jelly is the perfect choice for any lover of high- powered sativas with effects include feelings of Happiness, Euphoria, and Focus. Presentation: color is dark amber, bruised apple, with wet texture and visible crystallization when disturbed. Pungent, almost vinegary aroma. Smoke: concentrate is very easy to manipulate with a wet sugary texture. When placed on e-nail pre-heated to 490°F the dab melts clear leaving negligible residue while producing medium density smooth to intake vapor. The experience is pleasant in the throat, with flavors of cotton candy, dried strawberry, and jello/whipped cream. Effects: this one is a creeper, it takes a bit for the high to establish itself but is super potent. The high is extremely pleasant, with happy lazy feelings, however not tiring. Great smoke and play video games type of product.
1 gram
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