Punch Gummies - Punch Gummies - Tropical Punch - 100mg
Punch Gummies - Tropical Punch - 100mg
"Tropical Punch Gummies pack a punch of fruity goodness with every bite. It's a juicy and refreshing taste experience that is both sweet and tropical The Tropical Punch flavor captures the essence of this bold and fruity taste, offering a mouthwatering experience that is bursting with flavor. The gummy candy is coated in sugar that enhances the punch flavor, making each bite a fruity explosion in your mouth.with our Tropical Fruit Snack pack, featuring the fruity combination of mango, watermelon, and lime. Indulge in the sweet and succulent taste of mango, reminiscent of a sunny tropical paradise. Dive into the refreshing and juicy sweetness of watermelon, capturing the essence of summer. Experience the bold and zesty flavor of lime, adding a refreshing citrus twist to the tropical blend. Made with real fruit juice, these vegan and gluten-free fruit snacks offer a delightful and guilt-free treat. Savor the tropical flavors and escape to a blissful oasis with our Tropical Fruit Snack pack."
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