Ruby Farms - Ruby Farms - Hindu Kush Doobie 2pk - 1g
Ruby Farms - Hindu Kush Doobie 2pk - 1g
THC: 24.3%
Ruby Doobies Two Half Gram Pre-Rolls 1g (Hindu Kush) Crafted for convenience and on the go. This introductory product is the same as our 7 count Ruby Doobie, but comes in premium, sustainable, and durable glass tube topped with a woodcork for an airtight seal. This keeps The Ruby Doobie fresh and discreet as it blocks smell. We paired our Hindu Kush, a classic indica strain that originated from Afghanistan that grows short and stalky bushes with deep purple leaves. Its pungent aroma is high terpene myrcene humulene and sandalwood aroma, Hindu Kush induces a deep sense of calm & relaxation of the body & mind that helps get a good night’s rest.
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