7SEAZ - 7SEAZ - "Tsunami" Space Queen Infused - 1g
7SEAZ - "Tsunami" Space Queen Infused - 1g
THC: 30.88%
CBD: 0.18%
Introducing the 7 SEAZ™ "TSUNAMI" by New York’s 1st Legacy to Legal brand. A unique cannabis infused full-flower pre-roll with the strength and effects of a tidal wave! Tested at 30.8% THC and 35.6% total THC. The "TSUNAMI" is infused with 200 mg of THC distillate concentrate into a Space Queen "hybrid" strain of sun grown whole flower with natural cannabis-derived terpenes for a one-of-a-kind pre-rolled joint experience. Users can expect strong effects, serious flavor, a smooth smoke, and possibly having to save half for later as this product is potent even for high-tolerance consumers. As with all 7 SEAZ™ products, a portion of the proceeds from the 7 SEAZ™ brand will be donated to the NY Small Farmer Fund™ nonprofit to provide direct financial assistance to small farmers in need across NY state. 7 SEAZ™ continues to utilize 100% ocean-reclaimed plastic in our packaging helping to remediate the wonderful oceans of our beautiful planet.
1 gram
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