Heady Tree - Heady Tree - Jealousy - 7pk - 3.5g
Heady Tree - Jealousy - 7pk - 3.5g
THC: 19.48%
Jealousy is an extremely strong indica-dominant strain that has dense, dark green, popcorn-shaped buds with vibrant purple hues. It is filled with copious amounts of orange hairs and a layer of crystal trichomes, giving this bud a colorful and icy appearance. The aroma is deliciously sweet, with the dominant smell of fruity citrus and vanilla and earthy undertones. The flavor is also sweet and citrusy, and has a sour and spicy aftertaste. This mouthwatering aroma and flavor is absolutely phenomenal, and its effects will make anyone envious of the high it provides.
1/8 oz
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