Packwoods - Packwoods - Classic Blunt - Gelato Freeze - 2g
Packwoods - Classic Blunt - Gelato Freeze - 2g
Gelato Freeze Classics – This product contains 2g flower and is infused with .25g distillate, rolled in .25g kief, all wrapped in tobacco free hemp wrap,, producing a silky-smooth smoking experience. Blue cookies otherwise known as “Blue GSC” or Blue Girl Scout Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid crossed between girl scout cookies and blueberry. This strain delivers a crushing blow of euphoria, where it swiftly spreads to relax your entire body. Sweet Berry flavors fuse with earthy cherry notes. Gelato Freeze is a sativa dominant hybrid that will produce balanced effects for the user, the strain is a great choice for new smokers or beginners. The effects are described as uplifting, energetic and euphoric without being overpowering. Users also claim this strain benefits when dealing with symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, ADD/ADHD.
2.0 grams
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