Waahoo - Waahoo - GMO Cookies - Live Resin - 0.5g
Waahoo - GMO Cookies - Live Resin - 0.5g
THC: 83.0%
Contrary to what you might think, GMO Cookies is not a genetically modified organism but a cross between Chemdawg D and a GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) Forum cut. Our GMO Cookies are the perfect snack. It’ll give you a euphoric high, leaving you feeling mentally uplifted and physically relaxed. This potent, Indica-dominant hybrid strain has loud flavors that will linger on your tastebuds. Waahoo’s vape cartridges have a universal 510 thread. It is made of high-grade ceramic, which is also metal-free, to ensure the smoothest and most robust flavor profile every time.
1/2 gram
Price per unit

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