Q&A With Brontez Purnell, author of TEN BRIDGES I’VE BURNT


Tell us a little about your book! What inspired you to write it,  and/or what do you hope readers will take away from it?

I basically always wanted to write poetry and felt like it was time.

What is your relationship to cannabis? Is it part of your creative practice? Do you have a current favorite strain or New York brand/product?

OMG WEED! So like I used to work at a pot club that was (lineage-wise) a Dennis Peron club (he was like the first guy to sell pot when the AIDS epidemic was crazy and people needed it and he said “Fuck it – I’m selling pot” (like Google him or whatever) but I worked there till the feds shut us down and then I would trim in Northern California, like pooping in a hole in the ground in the woods and living in a log cabin shit – and whatever trim scenes were available – I did this for about a decade. But also like, pot has changed so much. At the place I worked at we had a $10 eighth and a $10 hash, that was it. But now it’s not like that, like every pot store on the West Coast is like, an Apple Store? Like you can’t just get a nice organic back door grown ounce from a grandma in Berkeley anymore and I resent that. 

I also don’t understand “dabbing”? Like why the need to make pot smoking meth- or crack-like? IT’S SO TRIGGERING!

But I’ve been a pothead for so long and it’s a groovy symbolic gesture I’ll do till I die, cause being a stoner still feels like a “culturally liberal” thing to do – and I’m nothing if not true to my school. 

I’m a stuck-up Californian so I ask, with great humility, what New York brands should I try?

Tell us about the first, best, or funniest time you got high.

Actually, I’m high as fuck right now and I’ve eaten 2/3rds of a pack of Oreos and out of just like, self preservation, I wanna pretend that I’m not gonna eat the rest, but I don’t know if I’m lying to make you feel better or myself?

Where is your favorite place to weed and/or read?  


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