Hi, it’s Sasha here, Budmaster at Housing Works Cannabis Co! It’s been a crazy journey in this exciting new industry, and it’s been truly an honor to be among the first to enter New York’s adult-use market. We have learned so much as an organization, and I’ve learned even more about the power of the plant (spoiler alert: I’m a lightweight)! I was delighted to dive right in and try New York’s first legal grow and especially some of the tasty edibles we carry, and I asked some of my discerning budtenders for some personalized product recommendations.

First I wanted to know favorites for sleep and relaxation. As a native New Yorker, I’m used to the occasional 3 AM symphony of sirens. My neighbor’s midnight mamba class (or whatever they do up there) has never stopped me from getting some good shut-eye once my head hits my pillow. It’s become somewhat of a badge of honor that I can catch some ZZZs through the sounds of the city that never sleeps. But I had been having some trouble falling asleep after the rush of working in our busy dispensary. Sometimes it’s just hard to turn your mind off! I wanted to start off with a low dose and wanted to work my way up, so a few edibles were suggested.

First I tried Offline from a brand called Off Hours. These vegan gummies were super effective at putting my mind to rest. Not only were they tasty (who doesn’t love grape punch!?), but they also had 3mg of CBN and 2mg of CBD per serving. Some studies show that CBN can reduce stress, improve sleep and promote relaxation, while CBD can help with anxiety. Because these have 10mg of THC per serving, I’d be careful if you’re a newbie and don’t quite know your THC tolerance yet. My advice, take half and see how your body reacts. The verdict? I was out like a light within 15 minutes. I’m sure results will vary, but this gummy did the trick for me.

Next I tried Ayrloom’s Pillow Talk 1:1 gummies. These truly tasted like fresh picked blueberries and had a slight cannabis flavor. Not only do they have 3mg of melatonin and a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBN (5mg each), they have a slight lavender flavor that was also quite soothing. I’d recommend this for someone looking for a low dose edible. Because these have a 1:1 ratio, they do a great job at making you feel balanced as you prepare for a good night’s rest. I was able to fall asleep quickly and slept through the night, something that I had been having difficulty with for a while.

Next, I wanted to try flower. I am not really a smoker, but one caught my eye: Deep Fried Ice Cream from a brand called Electraleaf. I must admit, I have a sweet tooth, so I was intrigued by its name, but more intrigued once our budtenders explained to me the benefits of smoking this specific strain. With notes of lavender, berry, and diesel, this cross between Deep Breath and Ice Cream Cake apparently is great for rest and stress relief. I purchased an eighth and my best friend rolled a joint for me (I still suck at this, but working on it!). I was immediately enveloped in a rich and decadent plume of smoke. This indica truly had me “in da couch” and quickly off to bed.

I am now feeling more rested than ever thanks to the help of our budtenders here at our dispensary. I can’t wait to share more experiences with you all and hopefully my recommendations can help you find the what you’re looking for. Til next time! Kisses and Blunts, Sasha

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